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Friday, February 20, 2015

Tips for oil & dry for skin

Tips for Skin
Your body is bring. Cause skin appear grievous namely but find rotten them. Skin caring ahead skin concerning some toke knoweggar then limb. Your face. Your face do not keep your body, body give them beauty and give them beauty. For reason skin need proper ca important.
Skin Identity
Skin mainly two divide. Outside name is Epidermis some consideravly cell. Grade with nadir, damix united.
Skin caring

Tips for oil & dry for skin
 oil & dry for skin

v     Skin neat :
                                Skin neat for regular face, body, hand ,leg need important popper wash. Face neat and cline for bay thrice. Day two face proper cleans clinger before morning and go to bed. Clinger dip skin do out site dirt. Hold bode do berth doft soap and liquid soap. If very oil skin then bassoon use to clean hold body. For dry skin, they use to bassoon instead corn-flour and raw milk mixture.
Every day can do berth  hold body for sufficient soap and face clinger, then face cleans after normal skin and oil skin, skin tonics Astrometry. This toners off help us do protuberate pore. Toners then come back requisition moisturize skin lose humidity, moisturize very need to winter, for oil skin need moisturize, cause regular skin humidity lose for weather. Moisturize skin do sloppy and duct.
v    Skin Save :
                            Sunbeam bigger than hum full skin this beam eyelid apparel penetrate. Sunscreen use to sun bend can much save skin smear .

v    Skin Nutrition :
                                    For this regularly use to hold body hand and body lotion and face use to moisturize. Balanced eat popper food, fruit, and excitable. Regular exercise and every day 1 hour walk.
Skin caring for turmeric
Turmeric natural toilet. Complexion do turmeric brighter. Beside skin various problem remove away.

Acne problem :
                            Turmeric among ingredient antysayfick and antyvacetariel. Acne remove away natural toilet acne stamp and pore oil seep less then sufficiency. Backward turmeric rebate, sondon powder, lemon gush admix make musk and use to face. Then 15 minted after small hot water proper wash face. Backward turmeric rebate among admix water 15 minute after acne up eraser. Acne goes away. 

Oily skin :

                     Pore oil less good for work turmeric. Con don powder do work antezenten and orange gush remove away skin speckle, skin keep cleans. So 1 spoon turmeric, 1 spoon son don powder and 4 spoon orange gush mixture make musk and use to face. Oily skin lessen problem.
Dry skin :
                  Dry skin brighten and invigorate raw turmeric rebate 1 table spoon, 1 tea spoon olive oil, 2 drop lemon gush, 1 egg share white and rose-water mixture make pack use to your face.

Able –bodied :
                             Able- bodied remove away  ½  tee spoon turmeric powder, ½ teaspoon rice powder, some drop tomato gush, ½ teaspoon raw milk with mixture make mush 15 minted can fix keep. The small hot water wash to your face.

Stay mark :
                        Skin stay mark remove away bassoon, raw turmeric mixture regular destined lessen begin pot speck.


                      Skin sunburn and pigmentation lessen rebate turmeric cucumber gush, moltany maty, lemon gush, mixture make pack face use to mask. Sunburn lessen.

Skin extra hair :
                               Every day corn-flour and raw turmeric mixture make do skip skin extra hair lessen pat.

Die sheath :
                             ½  spoon turmeric ½  spoon sugar, and ½ spoon rice powder mixture remove away die sheath face massage.

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