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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How To Learn Physical Exercises

Tips For Exercise
Follow these tips to keep you body fit

Physical exercise :
 Physical exercise means the movement of our limbs and muscles. Swimming walking, running, any kind of labor are the examples of it. The mind and the body are closely connected with each other. This is the saying of a wise man, “A sound mind in a sound body.” If the body is unsound the mind must be unsound. In every walk of life, we must have a sound heath. Our body is like a machine. If there is a machine without work and without movement for a few days, it goes out of order. Our body is also the same. If the limbs of our body are not moved and pt to work, it must become inactive. As a result, health breaks down and mind becomes unfit for mental work. So physical exercise only can make our muscles strong and body active. It also improves digestion. To become healthy, physical exercise is therefore, necessary. There are some men who do not care to tea exercise. Such men may not escape from disease and they can never be successful in life.

How To  Learn Physical Exercises
How To  Learn Physical Exercises

Importance :
                     Physical exercise preserves and improves our health. It makes a man active, strong and keeps him free from all kinds of diseases. Our body is like a machine. It can be kept in good condition by taking physical exercise. Physical mental work. So they need sound body and sound body and sound mind which depend on regular exercise.

Kind :
             There are many kinds of physical exercises. All of them are not suitable for all. Different kinds of games such as football, cricket, badminton etc are good forms of healthy exercises. Walking, swimming, rowing, riding, racing, gymnastics, etc. are also some good forms of exercises.

Merits and demerits :
                                       Those who do not take regular exercise, soon lose their health. They do not find happiness in life. They are burden to the family and to the society.It is true, the exercise is good. But over exercise is injurious to health. It should not be continued for long. After physical exercise we should take good food. 

How to follow the rules of exercise   

Health is wealth. It  is the root of all happiness. Health is the state of having sound mind in  sound body. To keep sound body, the rules of health should be followed strictly.

1.      Take physical exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet. Without taking  physical exercise, nobody can remain hale and hearty. Then, take proper rest and repose.
2.      Drink clean and sufficient water. Pollution free water is essential because polluted water causes different water-borne diseases.
3.      Take leafy vegetables and your environment neat and clean. Bear in mind that cleanliness is an indispensable part of belief.
4.      Besides, one may take part in various sports and games for the purpose. He should not keep late hours at night and should get up early in the morning. And thus sound health can be preserved.
5.      Have to be clean and tidy all time. Must cut your nails once a week and pt on neat and clean dresses.
6.      Everyday you have to get up early in the morning. Then you should go out for a walk and take some exercise.
7.      Mast take balanced diet always. Milk, fruits and vegetables should be always in your meal.
8.      Should not take foods from outside. You should drink plenty of water and take bath everyday.
9.      Should not keep late hours at night. Thus you could follow the rules of health and keep in good health.

Walking :
It is said that walking is the best medicine of nature. It is true because it helps a person in several ways o keep his health sound.

1.      It brings discipline into a person’s life. Walking regularly at a particular time everyday becomes  habit.
2.      It increases blood circulation and makes all the organs of human body more active. It is very necessary for keeping sound health.
3.      Walking in open air increases the intake of oxygen which is also very vital for any parson.
4.      It brings freshness to mind that enables a person to wok more. After walk in the morning, when a man goes out for wok with fresh mind and body, he can work better than others.
5.      Walking is also god for diabetics. A brisk walk for an hour regularly helps control diabetes. So, walking is nature’s best medicine.

                   How to learn swimming
               Swimming is a good exercise. It helps us to make our body strong. Everybody should learn it. It is not difficult to learn. Now I am giving him some instructions about it. I am telling you how can learn swimming.

  1. spread your hands and legs and move them into the water to keep yourself floating upon. Then try again ad again. If you continue, soon you will find that you can keep yourself floating on water and also can move from one place to another. Next, to lean swimming you can take help of your elders.
  2. After that you can use anything light that will help you remain floating on water. Rural boys and girls use banana tree, coconut etc for the mentioned purpose. They learn swimming at their very early age. Swimming is pleasing and delighting. It is also necessary to save you from water. So, try to lean swimming.

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