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Monday, March 26, 2018

Natural Hair Care Tips

just great hair that is beautiful, these ideas are wrong but it's wrong. It is possible to take care of small or medium hair regularly by regular care. Sadly, it is true that we start the hair care only when our hair problems arise. But before the problem starts, it is possible to avoid problems like dandruff, leanness and hair removal if regular routine care is taken care of. Let's know today how to follow the hair care routine.

There is no alternative to hair care oil. To get good hair, you have to give oil to your hair for 4 days a week. Try to give oil before sleeping at night. Along with coconut oil as well as Amand Oil, Castor Oil, Til Oil will mix them with hair. Castor oil helps to grow new hair. Must have hot oil massage in the 1st week of the week.

Hair tied
If you need hair, it is better not to leave. This can save hair from pollution. Dry the hair after bathing and keep it well. Use the scarf out on the outside. Remember that excess heat or cold is harmful to the hair.
So use the umbrella when you get out in the sun, and refrain from staying in the air conditioner for a long time.

Natural Hair Care Tips
Natural Hair Care Tips

Hair Care Some Hair Hair Masks
I have given some domestic mask recipes for your hair nutrition, which is very easy to handle and regularly removes hair problems.
Eggs are a unique ingredient in hair care. At least 2 days a week, at least 1 day by hair length of the hair, and wait for 45 minutes with hair shampoo wash. Then, as a natural conditioner, add 2/3 teaspoon vinegar to one mug of water and wash it after 2 minutes after washing it.
Those who want both hair color and nutrition, wash the hay leaf and mix 4 teaspoons of coffee powder and keep them in the wash for an hour. Do not shampoo that day.
If you have dandruff or rash on the head, then nimapata and methi will get fruit very soon after taking two days a week.
If you want to silk the hair, then apply the lemon juice and apply it for half an hour by shampoo.
Eggs and honey masks help raise hair volume.
An unproductive ingredient to keep the palms of the head cool is the alpareal juice or juice. Mix a little lemon juice with it and wash it for 30 minutes in the head.
Onion juice helps hair grow. Add onion juice to 15 times a day for 15 days.
Those who do not want to use chemical-shampoo, they can be used as a shampoo for the next day by keeping Rila drying the whole night.
It was the hair care outside. If you have good hair, you have to follow the rules to eat. Protein foods such as fish, eggs and calcium are good for hair. Spinach vegetables and fruits and plenty to eat. Hair loss is due to a lot of hair problems, so be careful. Hairdryers, iron machines, curlers, sprayers, hair chicks, hair color should be avoided as much as possible. Vitamin or iron supplements can be eaten in consultation with Doctor.

Hair Combination Tips
Every day our hair falls, his
It's just wrong to read a large part
By means of hair combing.
* Never brush for combing hair
Or use chickpea dentes
do not do. Fat teeth, between the gap
The gap is simple plastic churning
Use. That's your hair
Keep good
* Hair loss rather than combing more
Increasingly, the rate of reading is also poor hair.
Hair 2/3 to 3 times a day
Sufficient enough. Again hair again
Do not be tangled Comb your hair
Head movements in your blood circulation. As a result
Hair follicles are strong. But yes,
Combine the amount of amounts and
Take time without hurry.
* Tuck the hair before sleeping at night
Throw away Coarse before leaving in the morning
Take it. Also before shampoo
Must comb your hair. It's hair coloring
And not a lot of hair
Get saved from
* Under no circumstances after bathing
Do not peel on the hair Hair in wet condition
Soft and fragile, breaks fast
If you touch the comb specially
This problem is much more like the straight hair
More than
* Take a bath and go outside, hair
Need to be sprayed or styled?
Wait without hurry.
Not quite, at least 75 percent
Apply only after drying
The hair
Never shrivel your hair. And
Never miss the ball with a comb
Do not do or do not flush hair.

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